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09/30/2022 unknown LGMD Awareness Day Advocates for People with Life-Changing Disabilities 86   Details icon
09/29/2022 unknown For Victims of Domestic Violence, There is Help and Hope 91   Details icon
09/26/2022 pdf Huntington Leaders Take Action to Tackle Housing Obstacles 214 2,709 KB Details icon
09/23/2022 unknown City Recognizes Blessings in a Backpack's Mission to Feed School-Age Kids 98   Details icon
09/22/2022 unknown Forks of the Wabash Pioneer Festival Set for Sept. 24-25 117   Details icon
09/21/2022 unknown HU Celebrates 125 Years in Huntington 157   Details icon
09/16/2022 unknown September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month 145   Details icon
09/14/2022 pdf 2022 General Ballot - Sample 214 133 KB Details icon
09/14/2022 unknown COVID-19: Bivalent Boosters Offered at HCHD 331   Details icon
09/09/2022 pdf Commissioners' Agenda 9/12/2022 286 238 KB Details icon
09/08/2022 unknown Mosquitoes Test Positive for West Nile Virus in Huntington County 258   Details icon
09/02/2022 unknown Proclamation Marks International Overdose Awareness Day, National Recovery Month 234   Details icon
09/02/2022 unknown Northpoint Preserve Annexation Completed; Adjacent Property Rezoned 252   Details icon
08/30/2022 unknown Notice of Limited Email Access 268   Details icon
08/25/2022 unknown Overdose Awareness Vigil to be Held on Aug. 31 302   Details icon
08/23/2022 unknown Progress Ramps Up at RFW 277   Details icon
08/19/2022 unknown Help Keep Spotted Lanternfly from Spreading 504   Details icon
08/11/2022 pdf Soil Scientist List 338 109 KB Details icon
08/11/2022 pdf Soil Scientist List 304 109 KB Details icon
08/02/2022 unknown Huntington Family Shares Experience with SMA 523   Details icon
08/02/2022 pdf Warren Public Library Board Opening 413 238 KB Details icon
08/01/2022 unknown Huntington to Dedicate Monument Marking Purple Heart Corridor 315   Details icon
08/01/2022 unknown Annual Hydrant Flushing to Begin July 31 451   Details icon
07/25/2022 unknown MacGahan Street Closed Today (July 25) for Microsurfacing 229   Details icon
07/25/2022 unknown HPD, Sheriff's Office Announce Return of D.A.R.E. Program 357   Details icon
07/18/2022 unknown Probation Officers, Community Corrections Professionals Recognized 509   Details icon
07/15/2022 unknown Sidewalks, Multiuse Path Coming to North Business District 408   Details icon
07/13/2022 unknown City Council Districts Redrawn to Match Population Shifts 483   Details icon
07/07/2022 pdf Positive Resources 303 385 KB Details icon
07/06/2022 unknown Lahr Sworn Into Service with Huntington Fire Department 335   Details icon
07/05/2022 pdf 2022 General Election Candidate List 558 17 KB Details icon
06/29/2022 unknown Council Approves Flint Creek Development Area Annexation 394   Details icon
06/22/2022 unknown City Launches Online 311 Mobile App 'Huntington Connect' 937   Details icon
06/17/2022 unknown City Asks for Community Input on Tree Canopy Assessment 213   Details icon
06/06/2022 unknown Shared E-Scooter Service Comes to Huntington 404   Details icon
06/03/2022 unknown Huntington Fireworks Set for Friday, July 1 1991   Details icon
05/26/2022 pdf Water Quality Report - May 2022 863 631 KB Details icon
05/26/2022 unknown City Council Adopts E-Scooter Ordinance 822   Details icon
05/25/2022 unknown HPD Welcomes Two Officers, Awards Promotion 1095   Details icon
05/12/2022 unknown Teijin Automotive Breaks Ground on Huntington Expansion at Riverfork West 771   Details icon
05/06/2022 unknown Grant Award Will Assist Stone Water Race Reconstruction 632   Details icon
05/04/2022 unknown May is Motorcycle and Bicycle Safety Awareness Month 604   Details icon
05/03/2022 unknown City Promotes Older Americans Month, Senior Services 665   Details icon
04/30/2022 unknown Dozens of Volunteers Help Plant Evergreen Park Arboretum 461   Details icon
04/26/2022 unknown Underground Storage Tank Scheduled for Removal at H.K. Porter Site 1357   Details icon
04/21/2022 unknown City Awarded Grant for Erie Rail Trail Connection 772   Details icon
04/20/2022 unknown Grant Award Furthers Progress on Riverfork West Development 634   Details icon
04/13/2022 unknown City Council Requests Time to Consider Scooter Regulations 932   Details icon
04/11/2022 unknown Huntington Opts Back Into State's Opioid Settlement 636   Details icon
04/06/2022 unknown Unsafe Building on W. State St. Will Undergo Demolition 1042   Details icon
Documents 1-50 of 193